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An atmosphere of cosiness and sophistication is conveyed by the modern design in classical style and the homely ambience.

Hot dishes with seafood, poultry and beef will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. And our kitchen’s snacks and breakfasts will please your palate with their variety.


Fried egg with Muenchen sausage 300gr.

329,00 Rub.

Fried egg, Muenchen sausage, cherry tomatoes, champignons, red beans lobio, ciabatta

Draniki with salmon and cottage cheese 600gr.

689,00 Rub.

Draniki (potato pancakes) with slightly salted salmon, cucumber, tomato with Asian sauce

Chicken wing 500gr.

389,00 Rub.

Grilled chicken wing

Grilled vegetables 180gr.

219,00 Rub.

Baked potatoes, sweet pepper, mushrooms, courgette and aubergine

French Omelette 230gr.

289,00 Rub.

Omelette with ham, cheese, bacon and greens

Chicken roll 430gr.

439,00 Rub.

Chicken fillet roll with quinoa, vegetables, asparagus and Asian sauce

Scrambled eggs with tartine, roast beef and green butter 200gr.

329,00 Rub.

Scrambled eggs with roast beef, tomato and greens

Chicken Tabaka 500gr.

689,00 Rub.

Half a chicken baked in a marinade with green beans, sautéed vegetables, cauliflower and homemade adjika

Poached egg on dranik with salmon

429,00 Rub.

Poached egg on dranik (potato pancake) with slightly salted salmon, greens and bread roll

Chicken roll 430gr.

439,00 Rub.

Chicken fillet roll with quinoa, vegetables, asparagus and Asian sauce


Tea, coffee, juice, water or morses


Bavarian sausages with cabbage 520gr.

349,00 Rub.

Bavarian sausages with potato balls, sauerkraut, mustard sauce and pink sauce

Homemade cutlets with mashed potatoes 410gr.

379,00 Rub.

Homemade cutlets with mashed potatoes, barbecue sauce and green butter

Roast beef with dranik 300gr.

519,00 Rub.

Roast beef with dranik (potato pancake), green butter and basil cream

Salmon steak with mashed potatoes 380gr.

639,00 Rub.

Sesame salmon steak with mashed potatoes, Chukka salad with greens butter and ``tartar`` sauce

Duck breast with apple 390 gr.

399,00 Rub.

Duck breast with caramelised apples, cranberries and potato gratin on Asian sauce


Strawberry soufflé 130gr.

280,00 Rub.

Honey cake 130gr.

220,00 Rub.

Napoleon 130gr.

300,00 Rub.

Passion fruit souffle 130gr.

320,00 Rub.

Cheesecake 130gr.

190,00 Rub.

Chocolate cake 130gr.

220,00 Rub.

Ice cream 60gr.

70,00 Rub.

Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla

Topping 20gr.

30,00 Rub.

Strawberry, chocolate

Crumb 20gr.

40,00 Rub.

Chocolate, nutty


Croissant with salmon 200gr.

389,00 Rub.

Croissant with lightly salted salmon, fresh cucumber, arugula and Chukka salad with Asian sauce

Croissant with ham and cheese 300gr.

199,00 Rub.

Croissant with ham and cheese with pink tomato sauce

Croissant with roast beef 200gr.

349,00 Rub.

Croissant with roast beef, pickled cucumber and rucola in mustard sauce

Croissant with herring 220gr.

189,00 Rub.

Croissant with herring, rucola, pickled cucumber and potato balls with green sauce

Croissant with duck 160gr.

199,00 Rub.

Croissant with duck breast, rucola and apple tartar with Asian sauce

Pan dog with sausages 290gr.

179,00 Rub.

Pan dog with Bavarian sausages and pickled cucumber on mustard and rose sauce

Panini with ham and cheese 280gr.

199,00 Rub.

Panini with ham and cheese in pink tomato sauce

Panini with two kinds of chicken 280gr.

199,00 Rub.

Panini with roast and smoked chicken in pink sauce with tomatoes


Beef carpaccio with green tapenade 170gr.

439,00 Rub.

Beef carpaccio with rucola, tomatoes and cheese with basil sauce

Stroganina of Pelamide (Atlantic bonito) 300gr.

349,00 Rub.

Stroganina (raw, thin, long-sliced frozen fish) from pelamida with mustard sauce, green oil and marinated onions

Tuna Tar-Tar with Chukka Salad 155gr.

399,00 Rub.

Tuna tar-tar with Asian sauce, fresh cucumber and Chukka salad


Greek salad 300gr.

369,00 Rub.

Greek salad with tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and pickled onions with feta cheese under green oil

Salad with chicken 240gr.

339,00 Rub.

Salad with smoked chicken and tomatoes with BBQ sauce

Salad with salmon in sesame 250gr.

479,00 Rub.

Salad with salmon in sesame with fresh cucumber and Chukka-salad with Asian sauce

Salad with roast beef 240gr.

419,00 Rub.

Salad with roast beef, tomatoes and crispy onions with rose and mustard sauce

Salad with herring and baked beetroot 280gr.

259,00 Rub.

Salad with herring, baked beetroot and potato balls with green sauce and pickled onions

Salad with duck 190gr.

279,00 Rub.

Salad with duck breast, apple tartar and cranberry with Asian sauce


Chicken noodle broth 250gr.

149,00 Rub.

Noodle soup with chicken

Solyanka 250gr.

239,00 Rub.

Cold meat soup with sour cream

Soup of the day 250gr.

189,00 Rub.

Machine Coffee
Americano A 130 mL. 80,00
Cappuccino A 150 mL. 100,00
Cappuccino Large A 280 mL. 130,00
Latte A 250 mL. 130,00
Espresso A 30 mL. 70,00
Americano R 130 mL 100,00
Cacao R 250 mL 120,00
Cappuccino large R 280 mL 190,00
Cappuccino R 150 mL 140,00
Latte R 250 mL 170,00
Raf large with coconut milk R 400 mL 280,00
Raf large R 400 mL 250,00
Raf on coconut milk R 250 mL 210,00
Raf R 250 mL 180,00
Espresso R 30 mL 90,00
Gluhwein n/a 250 mL 150,00
Sea buckthorn punch 250 mL 150,00
Tea in Teapot 500 mL 250,00
Tea in Cup 200 mL 40,00
Cold drinks
Non-carbonated water Bonacqua in a glass bottle 330 mL 130,00
Borjomi Carbonated water in a glass bottle 330 mL 180,00
Coca Cola 0.33 in a glass bottle 330 mL 130,00
Red Bull 0.25 250 mL 190,00
Sprite 0.33 in a glass bottle 330 mL 130,00
Fanta 0.33 in a glass bottle 330 mL 190,00
Iced tea 0.5 500 mL 120,00
Schweppes 0.25 in a glass bottle 250 mL 130,00
Cold refreshing lemonades
Strawberry Lemonade 300 mL 149,00
Citrus Lemonade 300 mL 149,00
Mojito n/a 300 mL 179,00


Milk Cocktails
Milk Shake 400 mL 260,00
Berry Mors 200 mL 60,00
Juice in assortment 200 mL 70,00
Juice with straw 0,2 200 mL 90,00
Fresh Orange Juice 200 mL 150,00
Fresh Carrot Juice 200 mL 120,00
Fresh Carrot/Apple Mixed Juice 200 mL 130,00
Fresh Apple juice 200 mL 140,00
Clausthaler n/a 0.33 330 mL 150,00
Švituris Baltics Dark 0.3 300 mL 130,00
Švituris Baltics Dark 0.5 500 mL 180,00
Švituris Extra Light 0.3 300 mL 130,00
Švituris Extra Light 0.5 500 mL 180,00

From 08:00 till 20:00