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Zelenogradsk is a cosy resort town on the Russian side of the Baltic Sea. Old German architecture, sandy beaches and amazing sea are what attracts tourists from all over Russia and the world to Zelenogradsk.

Tourists note the fact that Kranza Bay has the cleanest and most uncluttered sea water.

Near the hotel

You will find plenty of details in the town's streets and the authentic atmosphere of the resort.

0.1 km — The Promenade in Zelenogradsk (Quay)

0.1 km — The Grey Baltic Seal sculpture

0.2 km — The Basta House

0.3 km — The Krantz Post Office

0.3 km — The Queen Louise Waterworks

0.5 km — The Kurortny avenue in Zelenogradsk

0.6 km — The Kurortnitsa sculpture

0.7 km — The Eye of the Baltic Wheel

0.7 km — The Monument to Zelenograd Cats

0.7 km — The Water Tower of Zelenogradsk

0.8 km — The Mermaid sculpture

The Curonian Spit

On the eastern side of the town is a wooded area and the famous ``Curonian Spit`` national park. And the town itself stretches along a sandy, gentle coastline

Zelenogradsk Promenade

Zelenogradsk promenade is a comfortable and popular place for relaxation and walks. It is depicted on the town's webcams. The wide quay stretches for as much as 2.5 km, along it runs the central beach of the resort. But it is not the limit: to the west it continues with Zapadny Beach and the coast of Malinovka village, to the east - with Skovorodka Beach and the Curonian Spit. The soft sandy beach is also a great place for a leisurely holiday.

The Kurortny avenue

One of the central streets of Zelenogradsk is called Kurortny Avenue. It is a cosy and well-appointed street with old houses covered with tiles, which have preserved the architectural heritage of Prussian Kranz. Kurortny avenue, which has been turned into a pedestrian zone, is located in the historical part of the city. The Baltic coast is literally 200 metres away.

The Murarium Cat Museum

The Murarium is located in the Water Tower, one of the main pearls of the city. The museum has Russia's largest themed art collection, with more than 4,500 exhibits. Located in the ancient Water Tower, which is a symbol of Zelenogradsk and its main tourist attraction. In the dome of the tower, there is an observation deck with an open balcony and a 360-degree view - it offers a spectacular view of the city and the sea.

Local History Museum

The most official museum of all is the State Local History Museum. It tells the tale of the beginnings of the Baltic and the amber trade before Christ. It tells the tale of the Viking and Teutonic Order times, and reveals the beginnings of the resort and life in the post-war days. The impression of a quiet coastal town is very deceptive, its history is full of events.

The Queen Louise Waterworks

``Zelenogradskaya real`` - this is the name of the mineral medicinal table water, whose deposit is located in Zelenogradsk at a depth of over 240 metres. There is a beautiful brick pavilion on the promenade - this is a free well-room ``Queen Louise``. It received its name in honour of the Queen of Prussia, who stayed in the town in 1807, fleeing from Napoleon's advancing troops.


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